Gene Labrada is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach based in The Woodlands, Tx.  He has over 25 years of experience, originally getting certified in 1990.  Gene has extensive knowledge in sports nutrition, strength and conditioning, functional movement and performance, and corrective exercise and rehabilitation. 

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Gene grew up very active playing sports like football, baseball, karate, bodybuilding, and mixed martial arts.  He learned about the importance of exercise and nutrition early on from one of his greatest mentors, his Brother, pro bodybuilding Hall of Famer, Lee Labrada.  Gene trained regularly with Lee for many competitions and learned how quickly a physique can be transformed with the right training protocol and a well executed nutrition strategy.  This gave Gene the initial spark that would ultimately turn into his passion of helping others improve the quality of their lives and achieve their fitness goals.

Gene has held certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the International Fitness Professionals Association, the International Dance and Exercise Association, and currently holds two certifications with the American Council on Exercise as a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist.  He is also a member of the American College of Sports Medicine

Gene is not only an educator but also a student to his trade believing that continuing education and research is paramount to staying on top of his field and being a leader in the evolution of fitness and nutrition.